3 Places to Use Sandstone Cladding in a Property to Enhance It Aesthetically


Are you looking to renovate your home? Or maybe want to enhance the appearance of certain rooms? If your answer to either of those questions is an affirmative one then you need to bring a textured wall or two (more than two are completely fine too) in the mix. Here are some tips for you to incorporate textured walls like sandstone cladding in your property. It does not matter if your property if is residential or commercial, natural stone cladding works great and impeccably aesthetically pleasing in both settings.

Since the options for commercial settings are a little on the lesser side, let us discuss those and be done with them. The best place to put a textured wall in your business is the one behind the front desk. When a person enters your premises apart from the outdoor setting of your property, they mainly notice how your front desk area is set up. The more attractive your front desk presentation will be, the more a prospective client or business partner will be attracted to your business. Keeping the front desk clean and tidy is top priority but to add aesthetic to it, cladding the wall behind the receptionist with natural stone is a great way to go. Depending on the rest of the colour scheme of your office, you can select the natural stone accordingly. If you have different tons of white all around, then something dark like grey would be perfect and if you want to play it safe then the predominantly beige but with a mix of a grey stone is a classic and goes with anything. While the exterior of your office may also look good cladding with stone and it does have a lot of benefits but it just not is the right choice for a commercial property.

Let us move on to residential properties and explore the places and spaces where texture would look the greatest. Starting from the beginning of the house stone cladding looks amazing when used to encompass the whole exterior of your house. A great benefit that you can be privy to by using it on the outside is that stone cladding provides great weather protection. In the summer it will keep your house significantly cooler than the outside as it does not let heat permeate through it into the building and in the winter it will keep your house warm as is it does not let the heat inside escape outside too. By using heating and cooling appliances less, you can significantly save up on cash because of lowered energy bills. With practicality it beings aesthetics as well as it makes a house look regal and elegant. For someone who likes the old and rustic and is a romantic at heart, this can be a great look.

The next place to use it in is as the background to your fireplace or the fireplace itself. In your sitting room, a textured wall is necessary to create more character and dimension. Plain walls are quite been there done that and make for redundant settings. Sandstone cladding can enhance the appearance of any sitting room significantly and will blend in with most colour schemes. Think of it as a one-time investment because the longevity of stone cladding is quite a lot and will easily last you a few decades with minimum maintenance required.