The Many Advantages And Savings Of Pallet Liners Slip Sheets

pallet liners slip sheets
pallet liners slip sheets

As the World progresses in terms of technology, sometimes it comes to mind how wasteful older methods were. This is also the case with the pallet liner slip sheets vs. the standard old wooden pallet. The wooden pallet is made with two sleeves in which the twin forks of a forklift truck can fit and load or unload that into a container. Some advantages of pallet liners slip sheets vs. conventional wooden pallets.

  • A wooden pallet weighs about 65 pounds vs. a synthetic pallet liner weighs which weighs only 2 pounds
  • Synthetic slip sheets offer a 25% saving in transportation costs.
  • About a 9 percent saving in volume. As synthetic liner sheets are a single layer and a pallet has a height to accommodate the forklift truck forks, thereby the liner sheets afford 9% more space to be used in the top of the container due to being flatter.
  • An overall weight saving of about 3000 pounds in a container due to 9% more cargo by volume being loaded into a container, this includes a 1200-1300 pound savings in weight from 20 pallets being loaded into a 40-foot container. There is a 63-pound difference between each wooden pallet vs. synthetic pallets.
  • Wooden pallets contribute to decreasing forests the world over while pallets made from synthetic materials wood save forests. The materials in these liners are made from an eco-friendly re-usable material
  • Cost of each synthetic slip liner is significantly lower than a wooden pallet.
  • These are loaded onto a forklift truck by an extended tab of the slip sheet. Firstly the forklift forks slip under the slip sheets getting a firm foothold. Then the extended edge of the slip sheet is locked into place by a mechanism available in a forklift truck. The locked slip sheet is then pulled inwards towards the forklift truck main body to form a firm foothold. Now loaded into position, a forklift truck can then load or unload the pallet sleeve from a container.
pallet liners slip sheets
pallet liners slip sheets

Paperboard slip sheets can only be used for very light bulk loads. It is often the case that paperboard slip sheets tear when the paperboard tab is pulled unto the forklift. The weight of cargo not being sustainable by paperboard sheets and such sheets tear apart during the pulling process. Durable pallet slip sheets are made of high tech plastic materials. Such has proved to be very durable, reliable and not prone to breakdowns. The synthetic sheets being extremely lightweight offer about a 3000 pound saving in weight in a 40-foot container.

Pallet liners slip sheets have a high tensile strength so tearing and breakdowns are a very small percentage. The surfaces of these pallet sheets are made into a durable rough finish which give these slip sheets a high coefficient of friction COF thereby preventing slippage on the pallet base. These sheets made of synthetic materials are re-cycle able material in most cases. In this new eco-friendly world that would be a significant contribution to a Greener World. Many producers make these sheets tailor-made to a customer’s requirements as well as offer a buyback option after such slip sheets has lived their useful life.