The advantages of granite tiles for your home’s flooring

granite floor tiles

Although we all are familiar with granite on kitchen countertops but we don’t know the advantages of these tiles. These tiles almost expected in modern kitchens nowadays! However, if you have decided to renovate your old home interior then these tiles are best for you.

From last 5-10 years, Granite Tile has become very fashionable and demanding for flooring as well. The unique and modern look of the granite tiles makes them more preferable for the customers. The granite has many beautiful in designs and it’s easy to clean. These tiles are highly praised for their beautiful patterns and colors. Moreover, granite consists mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar. These tiles are available in a large range of designs, colors, and patterns. The floor made of granite is an excellent alternative to some other types of flooring such as wood, linoleum, or marbles and other tiles. However, granite flooring is more durable and much harder than marble as well.


Furthermore, the advantages of granite tiles are so many. Firstly, a granite tile is virtually indestructible. The Second thing is that granite is inert, that means it doesn’t react to liquids and chemicals. The floor that is made by granite material will generally not crack from the strains of everyday use. Thirdly, these tiles for floors are much less porous than other types of stone such as marble and  is lesser likely to require sealing if it’s using in the areas that could be exposed to moisture like the kitchen. Where there are some advantages of something there are also some disadvantages as well. One disadvantage of granite (if you think it’s a disadvantage) is that it is expensive. There are some companies who are providing professional services and quality material at very reasonable prices for the convenience of their customers. However, if you invest in this scenario you are surely getting a material that is practically the strongest one.

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Sometimes the Granite Floor Tiles can get wet and become slippery. These floors require only a little care. These granite floors can be clean by just mopping.  Moreover, granite floor in a heavily trafficked living area might become dull but it’s not a big issue, this can be sort of a granite floor restoration service that polishes the floor. With the regular polishing, granite floors would remain the same in quality for a lifetime period. When it’s about to clean a granite floor is a cinch. It can also be dust mopped and vacuumed, and can also easily be wet mopped regularly. If you are installing granite floors in your home then always call a properly licensed and a qualified installer of this field. There are also some suppliers who are selling artificial material, you need to beware from.

Although, marble is a resistant substance but it’s not that much reliable like granite which is extracted from quarries. There are different styles, colors, and designs available in granite that makes it more eyes catching and attractive. Granite is also available in many finishes. It could be either rowdy or polished. These polished tiles are easy to maintain its cleaning and look more elegant than other marble floors.  Today, many household designers and architects search for the best materials at less cost. Usually, they believe that the material should be reliable and have long lasting quality, that’s why the reason of most highly recommends is a granite floor.

You might encounter many companies that are providing granite in best rates and suitable packages for every individual who is likely to renovate his/her bathrooms or kitchens flooring. A variety of colors is available as a rough or refined finish regarding your demand.