An overview on polished plaster walls in UK

If you are not aware of the trend of polished plaster walls in UK then you should know that an ornate style of plaster is traditionally combined with marble dust within themix to leave a marble-like effect and give the wall a glossy and marble finish. Usually, polished plaster is referred to the style where the finished product is glossy and fine and gives a very smooth texture. It is very soothing to the touch and make the space look bigger and airy. It is easily available in the market and is considered to be the most consistent and reliable option when it comes to renovation. Although there is a huge variety when it comes to polished plaster walls, but many people say that the best choice is to use authentic Venetian plaster because the lime and marble mix is quite resistant to wear and tear and will not fade over time unlike other polished plasters.

If you get a Venetian plastered wall but leave it unfinished then it would give you a natural, rough and hewn finish which most people don’t like or sometimes this look doesn’t go with the interior decorations of the house. However, if you get the walls polished then you would get a shine effect that mimics the sheen of polished marble. Many years back, this type of plaster was trendy in Europe and America. There are different techniques that can be used for the production and manufacturing of this plaster. Most of these techniques were developed a long time ago and are still in use today. The plaster is applied in thin layers, which are burnished and built up further to create the depth and texture that makes well-applied Venetian plaster look exactly like marble.

polished wall

If you think that learning to make polished plastered walls is an easy task, then you are in the wrong. It can take months and even years to master the techniques and effects that can be created. However, it is quite a reliable and durable option for many residence and commercial property owners. Although you may think that the prices are a bit high, but due to low maintenance, you get more than the value of your money. It would also save you time that you would have otherwise spent on getting its maintenance done.

Moreover, many people don’t go for this option because they think that other options are cheaper. They fail to understand that although the prices are high compared to standard plasters and paint finishes, it is more durable and easy to clean. Once the wall is polished, it wouldn’t need maintenance for a long time. Creating stunning stone effects and highly polished features is much cheaper in plaster than using real stone, and can create pillars and features on a wall at a fraction of the cost, offering the homeowner the chance to have something really special without spending a fortune.  Because an authentic Venetian plaster wall is a long term investment that will not be painted over within a couple of years the clients expect the highest quality finish, so it is worth getting as much experience as possible in order to build up a portfolio of projects and to perfect the techniques and styles that are possible.

There are many textures and a variety of finishes that you can hope to get with Venetian plastered walls in UK. These finishes make it unique and the array of colors and depths that are available, fit in with many decoration schemes. Not many people can master the techniques and complexities of this finish and therefore, if you are planning on getting your walls polished and plastered, then choose a contractor who has years of experience and has a strong portfolio.