Can Android Consume Apple’s Market?

Google is providing a tough time to Apple, through its Android OS and apps. But can Android apps beat the market of iPhone apps? This is the talk of the techie’s town now. Apple has 3,00,000 Apps in its App Store, which is 3 times more than Android Market. However specialists state that things can change quickly in favor of Android. Let us take a look at the pluses and minuses of Android briefly.

Many a times short-lived decisions make users to purchase an app in App Store. Because Apple makes it easy to purchase. It is bit more difficult to purchase an app in Android Market. There is only one payment method to buy an Android App. It has to be done from Google Checkout. But things are going to alter. Google is thinking of alternate payment approaches. Then it will be big advantage for Android app makers. find more info

The percentage of totally free apps is high in Android market. Even then developers are earning money with Android apps. It looks like the ad model is working well for Android. Some of the paid apps in App Store are available for free in Android Market. Charging for apps is not the only method making cash for Android app designers. Android is likewise the leading mobile platform worldwide. So there is a large scope for Android apps than iPhone apps.

Now anybody can create an app for Android. It becomes simpler than ever. Google’s App Inventor promises to help individuals in constructing an app without the aid of a developer. It is thought about as a clever relocation by Google.

On the other side, Apple is still keeping a restricted environment. It determines rules for the designers. It lays stringent censorship about the content of the app. But this irregular guidelines easily let away giants and grip small developers. Apple also sets harsher policies about the tools to be used in app making.

Microsoft’s Windows ended up being dominant by motivating third party software application. Google takes it further to rule the mobile operating system market. Now it is the turn of Apple. Making sure high quality experience for mobile users is an advantage. But history states open technique is vital to control the marketplace.

However there is another side to this issue. This outright flexibility must not result in total mayhem and land users in the middle of horrible apps. There need to be some ‘reliable ranking system’. Without doubt, the Android is more developer-friendly than Apple. However which is user friendly? The users always find it hard to get an excellent app in Android Market. Now it is on the part of Android app designers to reveal some obligation and create apps which deserve using.