Class 2 Medical In Birmingham And West Midland Makes You Fly

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There are many aspiring pilots around the globe. If you are one of them then certainly you would like to fulfill your dreams. Availability of Class 2 Medical in Birmingham and West Midland will help you get your private flying license. The private flying license will allow you to live your dream of reaching the skies and becoming a pilot. It takes few things to become a pilot. And one of them is medical Clearance.


There are certain requirements to obtain a private flying license. All of them are mandatory and are a standard most of the flying schools follow. Number one is that you need to be older than 18 years old. At least you should have logged 40 hours flight time. The person must hold a medical test clearance. Other things include having an adequate flying time with an instructor.

Plus, a student has to pass the written test and the flight test. These are some of the laws that flying schools have to apply and follow. However, there can be a difference in the laws and standards in each country as per their requirement. Most of the standards and rules set are adequate and are there to ensure the safety of the student and the instructor.

Most of the students have to pass their medicals as a pre-requisite. Medical clinics that offer a special test for pilots have to follow certain procedures and rules set by the aviation authorities in the country. Hence, you need to have access to a medical clinic that offers special rules and procedures set by the government.

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Most of the time, medical tests are done in the flying schools. But if due to some reason, if they do not have the facility, the private clinics are the places one can go to. Class 2 medical test is only associated with pilots who want to get a private flying license. Hence, there are standards each medical clinic has to follow before giving a clearance certificate.

One has to clear different sets of examinations. Number one, he or she has to provide his or her medical history. To check whether the person is fit mentally and physically and has a clean record. Then the important eyesight test. That is the most important test one has to clear. Followed by the physical test one has to clear, that includes lungs, heart, blood pressure, stomach, limbs, and nervous system.

After that one has to go through the hearing test, followed by an ECG. After that lung function test takes place. The lung function test is done to test the ability to expel air rapidly from lungs. The final part of the test includes Urine test. Class 2 medical test has a range of validation period for each certain age bracket. People under the age of 40 will not have a license validation for not more than 5 years.

After 40 the validation period of private license test starts to get shorter and shorter. Class 2 Medical in Birmingham and West Midland is now easily available. Therefore, try to find the best services that are available in the region.