Custom Shipping Boxes And Their Many Benefits

There is a tough competition out there between different businesses. Each business is looking for new techniques and strategies to increase the production and bring in more profits. There are millions being spent on advertising and other platforms of marketing. In this scenario, companies which have stuck to shipping their products in the flimsy brown or white boxes, tend to be on the losing side. It is advisable to opt for custom shipping boxes which can make a difference to your business. Listed below are few benefits of this option.

custom shipping boxes

Branding is apt

Opting for boxes which are corrugated offers the benefit of being able to have the most detailed text or complicated graphics as compared to the thin cardboard boxes. This works as an apt canvas for the required branding. You can print tiny numbers besides texts in different types of fonts and color. The bright colors enhance their look and the bold prints on them with logos often prove eye-catching. These are tough and can withstand all of the above, giving them a lively look. Shipping the products in style can offer a positive feel of your company to your clients.

Saves on the Budget

It is a wrong decision when businesses tend to opt out of the choice of using custom shipping boxes for their products, due to over crossing their budget. On the contrary, these tend to save money, as these boxes can be made exactly to the required size. An apt sized box can also create a good impression on the clients as this looks neat and tidy.

Safe Shipping of Products

Many times, customers find that the products are damaged even before they reach their destination. This mostly happens mostly due to packaging, where the company compromises and packs the products in low grade cardboard boxes just to save some money. The business not only tends to lose out on the specific customer but also compromises on the reputation of the business.

custom crates

Characteristics of Custom Boxes

Custom Shipping boxes are made of fiberboard sheets which are almost triple layered. As these can hold a large amount of weight, the business owner need not worry about the condition of the products which are being shipped across. The products are well protected not only from being mishandled, but also from harsh weather conditions. Another positive characteristic of these boxes is that they are considered environment friendly as they are generally made of materials which can be reused and recycled.

A Customized Option

Custom shipping boxes are apt for all types of products of varying thickness and weight. They are able to cater to the different needs and requirements of shipping. You can say, there is a custom box for each and every occasion and you have unlimited possibilities of designing and writing on these boxes without causing any harm to the products or the boxes.

Getting Boxes Customized by the right company

There are multiple companies offering their services for custom boxes but before you make a choice you need to make sure that these companies can

  • Supply boxes of all sizes, be it large shipping boxes or small cartons
  • Offer to customize boxes even for a small order
  • Provides a custom design lab which can help you preview the box before you place the order
  • Provide assistance for technical and design support.

wooden storage crates

These companies should be able to give a quote as soon as possible so that there is no wastage of time once you have made up your mind on a specific design and style. These considerations can help you choose the right company offering custom boxes.