Different Types of Molds for Making Candy

If you want to make candies like lollies at home, then the secret is to find the best molds. A good mold can give your candies a neat appearance and what is more is that you can find mold in various designs that let you shape the candy in any design you want. This will allow you to make different types of candies for different occasion and celebrations like Halloween or Christmas. You can even gift some candy to your friends and family.

Types of molds

  • Flat candy mold

Three types of molds are available in the market. The first and most popular one is the flat candy mold, which is, as the name suggests, used to make flat candy like trees for Christmas, pumpkins for Halloween and hearts for valentines. If you know where to look, you can find any shape and design for the candy. You can look for them at cooking supply stores or craft stores or even shop for them online. No need to worry about the cost and storage because they are cheap, very easy to use and store. They made of resin rubber and plastic and the shape is flat.


The method of usage is fairly simple. All you have to do is make hot candy and pour it into the mold. Then you wait for it to harden and cool down so it can become solid for consumption. There are more than one shapes carved into the mold so you can make different pieces of candy at the same time. Once the cooling is completed, you have to flip the mold and press it from behind to extract the candy. One side of the candy will be plain and the other will have some design imprinted on it because of the mold unless you bought the one that had no carving.

  • 3D Mold

This is another very popular type of mold and it is somewhat better than the flat candy mold. The reason for this one is better is that it allows the candy to be molded into greater shape. If you are making lollipops at home, then this mold will give more depth to each piece of candy rather than a simple flat design. They are easy to use and generally sold as two parts; one at the front and one part at the back of the design.


When you want to make candy in this mold, you have to follow some simple steps. First, make the candy you want and pour the hot candy on one side of the mold (it can be either front or back). Once you have done that, let the candy harden and then pour some candy on the other side of the mold. This time, do not allow the second half to completely harden, just stop where it gets sticky and semi-hard. Then, join the two halves of candy and let them completely cool and dry. It may sound tricky but it is actually simple to use.

  • Hollow mold

The third kind of mold is the hollow mold and it is not used for hard candy because it not intended for that purpose. It is mainly used for chocolates and only when you want to fill or stuff your chocolates with different flavors and add-ons like caramel, peppermint or peanut butter. To use it, first, melt the chocolate and brush it on the sides of the mold. You can use a paint brush for this purpose. Once you are done, place it in the freezer and let it chill. Repeat the whole cycle until you reach the thickness of the chocolate you need and then place the filling inside the mold. Cover the rest with chocolate and let it cool down.