Do’s and Don’ts of Party Planning

Social gatherings are the backbone of a strong community. When the weekend arrives all people want to do is to go out have a few drinks, maybe get to know some new people and have fun. Working all week can be stressful, events like these provide a mean for people to get relax and enjoy. Some people see such events as a business opportunity while others come looking for a life partner. Whatever the reason may be, if anything at an event doesn’t go according to the plan it will reflect poorly on the host’s perceived value. To avoid such inconveniences many agencies offer their services for event management in Sydney.


Here are a few do’s and don’ts of party planning’s that any event manager must know:


  • Always keep in mind that things could go terribly wrong, plan ahead of time and keep them from happening.
  • Go through the event in your mind from the perspective of a guest, think of the experience they will receive step by step. Doing this ensures you that you covered all aspects of the party.
  • The Experience starts way before the event commences. Make sure to create a desire to attend the event, provide with a suitable way to communicate the details and grab the invitee’s attention.
  • Take an extra initiative to ensure that you’re using professional and reliable suppliers. Ask them to provide you with a relevant documentation supporting their service and even ask if they can provide any previous job references. Health and safety policies must be placed and followed by everyone to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment.
  • Timing is very crucial, therefore create a timeline of the event and follow it. Most people come to an event for entertainment, drinks, and food. Guests shouldn’t be kept waiting for a long time. A toast from the host is encouraged but it should be kept to a minimum length.
  • Maximize the use of your budget. Try to book on a consumption basis only and only pay for the things you have used.
  • Do hire a DJ and with an open bar, but also provide an alternative place to promote a relaxed and interactive atmosphere with a coffee station and Television services for people who wish to avoid the dance floor.


  • Do try to cut down the costs as much as you can but do not start cutting corners if you want your guests to have a good time.
  • Keep in mind that no matter what you do, you are not capable of pleasing every guest individually. So don’t get stressed out trying to make it perfect for everyone.
  • Do not forget to hire a first aider for your party; hopefully, this will be a waste of money. If you’re relying on the venue to provide you with a first aider, do ask to see relevant certificates of the personnel.
  • Do not order cheap undrinkable wine, it will only reflect poorly on the perceived value of the hosts. And most certainly do not advise the host for a pay to drink bar for a cost effective option. Avoid alcohol if the event offers outdoor activities such as archery, shooting or quad biking.
  • Do not forget to create a RSVP system for your guests; this helps you in knowing how many people to arrange food, seating and other entertainment services for. Creating a seating plan is also a good tip, this helps people settle down easily.

What every party planner in Sydney must understand is that events are about experiences and these experiences must be made memorable, memorable for all the right reasons. Keeping all these points in mind is a good way to avoid any discomfort to the guests and ensure that even if a mishap occurs, you are well prepared to handle the situation and bounce back to the right track.