Easy Microwave Repair and Troubleshooting

The microwave is the least expensive appliance in the whole kitchen. But if it gets faulty, can you fix it yourself? Surely, you would look for a service for microwave repair in Sydney. But the problem with that is repairs can be very expensive. For an appliance, that is not so costly, why should you pay so much for simple repairs? This article will guide you on some easy troubleshoots in case your microwave is not working properly.

Before Starting

Don’t be so quick to open the microwave. First, research the model number and try to locate the owner’s manual. That would be extremely helpful. If you cannot find the manual, then try looking for it online.


No Power

One reason could be a blown fuse. Fuses are meant to protect the appliance in case of an overage of electricity, in which case they melt. Also, check the circuit breaker connected to the kitchen, it could have been tripped. If neither fixes offer a solution then call an electrician because the reason may be faulty wiring.

No Heat

Heating problems arise with problems in the diode. The diode facilitates the flow of current in one direction and prevents the flow of reverse electrical current. The diode must have shorted which causes heat loss. Unplug the microwave, get the diode replaced and remove the capacitor first to save yourself from an electric shock.

Sparks Inside The Appliance

Before conducting microwave repair in Sydney, clean the appliance. The food and grease stuck on the inside may cause it to spark during operation. Another thing that causes the microwave to spark is a faulty stirrer.  The stirrer ensures even power distribution throughout the appliance.

To fix it, open the rear panel of the microwave and look for the stirrer. The stirrer belt can be easily be detached for examination. Check to see if there are any signs of wear and tear. If the belt is loose and does not retain its tension then you need to replace it. The new belt can be placed just as easily as it was taken out. This is by far the easiest microwave troubleshoot.

But if the belt is fine then the motor is not working. Check the motor for any blockage before calling a professional. In case the fan motor is damaged, don’t meddle with it on your own. A fan replacement would require the expertise and training to handle the wiring.