Funny Commercial About Single Russian Women

The Hot Russian Brides site aired this hilarious commercial about what may happen when a man tries to date the “girl next door” rather than casting his net wider.

The commercial begins with a man entering a woman’s house with some flowers the woman answers the door, and both of them share a passionate kiss. This happy couple rest on the couch and the woman shows him pictures from her family photo album. He sees a picture of the woman’s sister getting in a wedding gown, and he marvels at her beauty. He looked at the woman affectionately, and said “runs in the family, doesn’t it?”

He has no idea what was going to happen next. She shows him a photo of her Aunt Sally who comes from Niagara Falls. He responds and says, he also had an Aunt Sally who came from Niagara Falls!” he takes a close look at the picture, and he realizes that they are cousins.

he has a flashback and remembers all the gross things they had done before this realization: the kissing, feeding, ear licking and both of them are left in a state of shock.

The scene ends with a jolly “country hoedown” music, telling the viewers to expand their dating pool and to give international dating a try.

This commercial is a hilarious one with a great lesson. Why stay in the same circle all your life without experiencing other cultures? There a whole world out there waiting to be explored you can start by dating single Russian women who are nothing but exotic. Everything you must have heard about Russian women are true, their composure, their beauty and their sex appeal among others.

The single Russian women are often beautiful with striking features as well as a fit, sexy body. They’re also fun, feisty, and open. These remarkable features are common to most of them due to their unique culture and healthy diet. They’re candid and they know their values. They value romance, family, and health. Even though they’re not scared to speak their minds and may be a bit blunt, they always respect the opinions of others around them.

The single Russian women can be committed and fun loving when they’re in a relationship. Most of them know that values matter when it concerns picking a potential life partner. Russian culture puts special emphasis on family, and complete loyalty when one has found a soulmate to connect with.

We always remain in our close knit circles without making an effort to learn about other cultures. Dating single Russian women may be a great start. You would have a chance to broaden your circle and connect with someone from a different culture with a beautiful heart and body.