Important characteristics of a divorce lawyer


Ending a marriage is difficult and a very sad time in the life of an entire family. It is not just the couple that goes through a lot, if you have kids, they will take the brunt of your split. Because lets face it, both parents are equally important in a child’s life. Not being able to experience the love of both parents is hard on a child. However, sometimes the parents being together for the sake of their kids, adversely affects both, the kids and the couple’s psychological health. In such a situation, it is important to part ways amicably. That’s the hardest part.

Divorce can be a very long, tedious and painstaking process, to complete which, you will need to hire a divorce lawyer in Gold coast. The divorce lawyer should facilitate the process. It is particularly important   when you are not in mutual agreement with your spouse. Because during a divorce, people can turn into monsters. It is not that they are bad people, its just that divorces can be very bitter. A divorce lawyer makes use of family laws to help you get through the process. The lawyer ensures with hard work that all the decisions made in the case safeguard your interests as much as possible. Like any relationship, your relationship with your lawyer needs to be based on the highest level of trust. You should select a lawyer whom you can trust to get the results.

There are many different characteristics of a reliable and competent divorce lawyer that help you in making your decision.

  1. Qualification

The lawyer should have all the relevant training to fight your case. This training will ensure that the lawyer is familiar with divorce, family laws and the legal aspect of divorce.  The lawyer should have a license to practice as well. Moreover, the lawyer should be a member of all the relevant law societies and also have at least a few references from senior lawyers, testimonials, judges, as well as previous clients.

  1. Experience

Academic qualification is not the only important factor. A good divorce attorney should ideally have at least some experience in handling legal cases of different natures and divorce cases in particular. Ideally, depending on your circumstances, you should hire a lawyer who has experience handling cases similar to yours. Usually, people experience problems with property distribution, child custody and alimony.

  1. Communication skills

You may be able to find a divorce lawyer who scores well in the qualification and experience areas but lacks proper communication skills. Such a lawyer is going to be the reason for your downfall in the courtroom. A competent lawyer communicates to represent his client in the best possible way that your interest are safeguarded. Moreover, effective and efficient communication can make a big difference in the courtroom and can easily lead to quick settlements.

  1. Composure

Your lawyer should not be a nervous wreck. He or she should maintain their composure in the courtroom. Plus, be able to keep a proactive approach. This is important because divorce cases can get really nasty. These should not scare the lawyer in any way. He or she should be calm in the most heated of situations. Even if you lose the case the lawyer should still manage to get enough of your terms negotiated with your spouse.

  1. Case building skills

How your divorce lawyer builds your case will largely determine the results that you will get. He may use negotiations  and mediation are some of the methods he may use to settle any asset allocation. Furthermore, your lawyer should have a back- up plan up his sleeve if things get out of hand.

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