Why People Love to Receive Gifts?

Gift giving is a universal way to show appreciation, interest and gratitude as well as to strengthen the bonds with others. The exchange of gifts is a major way of celebrating any special occasion or holiday or any other event. Did you know that the act of giving gifts has got psychological effects as well? Christmas is that time of the year when people’s attention is focused on what gifts are going to come in.

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At the time of Christmas, people give gifts for a variety of reasons. Those who love and follow Jesus give gifts to remember Jesus. Giving away presents during this time is also a reminder of the gifts that the wise men – gold, myrrh and frankincense had brought to Jesus. Gifts are given to show the love that people have for their friends and families.


There’s another name that comes up when talking about Christmas – Santa Claus, considered as a pretend figure that has been associated with Saint Nicholas for giving gifts to the needy or the poor. However, for the Christians all over the world, Christmas is considered as a great opportunity for the exhibition of love.

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Whenever we are giving gifts, it becomes an act of altruism i.e. unselfish concern for the well-being of others. When something is given away without the expectation of getting something in return, it is a way of improving or uplifting one’s psychological health. The sense of satisfaction when someone’s face lights up upon receiving a gift is enormous and next to none. Thus, if you want to express your feelings, reinforce appreciation and acknowledge the relationship you have with the other person and are looking at Christmas Gifts Online Australia, we can help you with it.

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