Professional Tips For Domestic Cleaning In London

One of the major things that become the cause of stress for the house cleaners is the domestic cleaning in London. However, cleaning your house is very important and there is no way around it as well. The difficult part is that cleaning your house take a lot of time and energy and most of the people don’t like to spend that much time on cleaning the house. If you have extra money to hire a cleaning service then you can do that but most of the people don’t afford to hire cleaners. Therefore, here are a few tips that can help you clean the house faster and more efficiently:

  • If there are soap deposits anywhere in your bathroom that you don’t seem to get rid of, then instead of rubbing and scrubbing them again and again, the better option is to use a knife to scrape it all off. If you don’t want this mess to build up, then you should stop using the bar soap altogether. It is better to use the liquid soap instead. Or you can buy a dish for that soap so it doesn’t make a mess around the vanity.


  • If you usually use the cloth duster for regular dusting, then you should think of switching to the feather duster. They are better and are even more efficient in cleaning the mess. More importantly, with a feather duster, you will be able to reach difficult-to-reach places and hence it will allow you to clean more thoroughly. However, if you have not dusted the surfaces for a long time and you need the place to be squeaky clean, then using a cloth duster is the way to go.


  • If you have things or surfaces in your house that are made up of stainless steel, then you will be aware of the beauty it brings you. However, the fingerprints and marks on the stainless steel makes it look awful and therefore, these surfaces need to be wiped clean very often. The best way to make them clean is by pouring mineral oil on a cloth duster and then wiping it clean. It will bring the shine to the steel that will make your place look fabulous on the whole.


  • If you cannot get rid of that disgusting smell in your bathroom and you want to make it go away fast, then orange or lemon peel is your best friend. Just flush an orange peel down the toilet and you will not smell anything bad after a few moments.


  • Make sure that you vacuum your place every day and try to keep it as clean as possible so the dust will not start to clutter and sit in the tiles. Also, make sure that the extension cord is lengthy or you will have to plug it in again and again.