Tips to pick the right sulfate free shampoo

Before we jump into the big story and tell you tips to get the perfect sulfate free shampoo, we would like to enlighten you about the ill effects of sulfates on your hair.

If you aren’t aware as to what sulfates are, here is your answer: –

Most of us do not put too much thought behind the shampoo we use for our hair. Some of us pick the shampoo based on how it smells, some of the extra so called healthy ingredients and some because it just works for them from years. We blame our hair for being frizzy and our eating habits for hair fall but did you know that sulfate could be the major reason why you are going through hair issues? Not many realise how shampoos use sulfate in your shampoo is put in different ways in the ingredients. Here are some examples: –

1. Sodium Laureth Sulphate – SLES
2. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – SLS
3. Ammonia Laureth Sulphate – ALS
4. Sodium Myreth Sulphate – SMS
5. TEA Laureth Sulphate – TEA

If you see any of these abbreviations in the ingredient list on your shampoo bottles, we suggest you make the big change.

when you switch to sulfate free shampoos, you will notice these changes: –

1. No lathering – The main thing you will notice is no lather. Do not worry when you see no lather on your hair because the mild sulfate free shampoos will not have any bubbling effect. They are mild and have barely any lather. This doesn’t mean they will not cleanse your hair at all. They do the work well and you will notice stunning results with your hair post using sulfate free shampoos.

2. Oils – When you first switch, you will notice a little bit of oiliness to your hair but do not worry, it is just the natural oils safeguarding your hair. Most people, who use sulfate free shampoos, do not rinse the particles from the hair. You have to work with the rinsing for a while just to take off any kind of excessive oil from the hair. If you like a little oil leftover on the hair, you are free to leave it like that. This will not weigh your hair volume down at all, so do not panic.

3. Good growth – Yes, you read right. When you switch to sulfate free shampoos, your hair growth is promoted and you will see great results in just few weeks. You will be surprised to see how evenly and thick your hair has become in just about a month or so.

Some tips to pick the right shampoo: –

1. When going for sulfate free products, the first step is to check the ingredient list of the shampoo. Most herbal brands are coming out with sulfate free products and there is a huge label in the front but you need to make sure you check the ingredients too.

2. Secondly, try going for a conditioner without sulfate too. This will overall balance out your hair well.

What are you waiting for? Make the big change and buy sulfate free shampoo today!