The Advantages of using Drone Photography in Melbourne

aerial photography Melbourne

With the passage of time photography has evolved a great deal. From black and white, to Polaroid printed pictures and digital photos, there has been a paradigm shift in the ways one can capture and seize beautiful moments in the form of a photograph. Aerial photography has gained a lot of attention among the photographers in Melbourne these days.

The first thing which we need to know about drone photography is that it requires proper training and one needs to learn how to operate the gadget properly. It is not as simple as clicking a photo on a mobile phone or a digital camera. There is a training manual that one needs to understand and get hands-on in order to fully utilize the drone camera. There are various types of drone cameras and you need specific training for handling each of them. Once you get trained, you can practice how to control the camera without damaging it or obstructing the view. There are many types of drone cameras that you can find in the market. The price of each depends on their specifications and the brand that promotes it.

Secondly, drone filming is not legal in Australia, and a proper license is required to do so. There are not many licensed aerial photographers in Melbourne, and you need to make a lot of effort to find one. It allows you to be sure that you are in safe hands and your event will be covered by a legal person. You should not hire an unprofessional and unlicensed photographer for your event, because it can cause a troublesome situation for you.

People are using aerial drone photography in Melbourne for a number of reasons which are stated below:


Real estate agents are utilizing this gift of technology, by getting beautifully captured aerial photos and videos of their properties, attracting people to buy them. When you click on their links on the internet, they jump to a beautiful, scenic property, showing you all the positive aspects of the property, house or building. Once you view them and show interest in buying, their agents’ follow-up by calling you and paying visit at your home or workplace. It is a very good marketing technique widely used for promotion and sale of land, property and home.

Event Coverage:

A couple of people like to film their special events and occasions with the help of drones. Short clips from the wedding preparations, to farewell speeches, they are added in the event videos so that people can relive their memories from the special days.

Video Production:

There was a time when video producers and filmmakers needed to rent helicopters and spare a fortune on hiring supportive staff to handle the equipment. All this was done in order to capture scenic beauty of the deserts, far stretched mountains and edge of the rivers, to make their videos more adventurous. Thanks to drone photography, one does not have to spend a lot and can manage the filming in a much safer way.

We cannot deny the wonders drone photography has done to photographers and adventurers, but it is important that you are trained and licensed for this technology to work positively.