Utilization of space available with a loft conversion in Essex


In a gradually but positively changing world, the trend has been for land prices to rise much more than the rise in building costs. This is true, especially in developed cities. By contrast, land area costs in the outskirts and suburbs of a city have not increased by the same proportion as the steep price hikes found in the cities. Generally, with the passage of time, space requirements for families as well as individuals tend to increase. In that context, a loft conversion in Essex would certainly be a prudent consideration, a sensible utilization of livable space not utilized previously.


Attempting to increase the area in the central parts of a city is carried out differently to the suburbs area. With construction like townhouses in cities, the trend is to have a small house area footprint over much vertical construction. So room extensions are usually considered on the second or third storey. In the low cost suburbs, a room extension can be done horizontally at the ground level.

A room extension is considered as part of a refurbishment of a house rather than a renovation. A loft conversion is usually done to houses with sloping roofs. Converting the attic into a usable space, which could be a bedroom, a study, a gym, a private recluse room or much more. During loft conversion, good builders often add windows to the sloping roof. In comparison to a regular wall window, a roof window is quite challenging to install. Such windows have to be leak-proof in the complex multi-layered ceiling as well as strong enough if there is any need to walk on the ceiling for repairmen, for situations like children retrieving a ball, strong enough not to get cracked during heavy hail and more.

For the glass to be strong enough to support the weight of an adult would have to be extraordinarily strong. Such glass would invariably be expensive to purchase. Making the roof window is also challenging as roof claddings do not have a flat uniform face. Many a time plywood sheathing is used along with a synthetic rubber sealing layer for the sealing of a roof. A good builder carrying out a loft conversion in Essex would be able to make a very desirable room. An occupant having converted that into a bedroom could lie in comfort of the bed and view the beautiful stars and sky at different times, The Heavens for a canopy! Stairs to the attic usually ladder like, so with a loft conversion, safer conventional stairs with railings should be installed, so that the weak, elderly and children could use them in safety. Attention should also be given to the entrance and exit from the loft so as not to be cramped or awkward. For a relatively small construction expense, a huge gain in real estate value is obtained. A welcome change for financial gain in property value, rental value or just simply for a house owner who is so happy to receive his/her gorgeous loft conversion.