What are the Major Causes of Blocked Drains

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Accidents are inevitable and so are plumbing emergencies. These emergencies bring along an array of problems that can grind your routine to halt in mere matter of seconds. It can drown your years of investment, leaving you within a great property loss. Fortunately, there are many precautionary measures that can reduce the extent of damage if you come across blocked drains in Sydney. Blocked drains can lead to a number of problems. These are caused by a number of reasons. They won’t occur very often if you properly take care of them.

Cause of a blocked drain?
There are many factors that can lead to a blocked drain. If you want to know what those reasons are, keep reading this article.

1.A blocked drain can occur if your child flushes something solid through it. This solid thing could be any of his toys or clothes or whatsoever. This mistake can block your drain, bringing along an array of problems
2.This problem can occur if you keep draining greasy liquids and oils through it. This grease will accumulate the walls of the pipeline making it harder for the liquids to flow.
3.Blocked drain can occur if you won’t clean your drain on a regular basis. It will narrow the lumen and result in blocking the flow of water.

Consequences of a blocked drain:
Leakage is one of the biggest consequences of a blocked. This in turn leads to other problems that can drown your years of investment leaving you in a major property loss. Some of the consequences of leakages are listed below:
• Its can result in damaging the entire electrical wiring system of the facility
• It can result in flooded floors and carpets
• It can damage your furniture
• It can damage your electrical appliances

In order to avoid such situation you need to hire a 24 hour plumber in Sydney.