Why an under counter wine cooler is the ideal solution for wine storage


As the world’s population increases the value of land also increases, so much so that in some places like Japan there are acute shortages of land forcing people to sleep and rest in capsule hotels. While the case may not be so bad in other areas of the World a 10 to 12 fold increase in land prices over a 3-decade span is not uncommon all over the World. As such the size of dwellings tends to keep shrinking with the passage of time.

In this modern space shrunk World, a person with a collection of wine bottles would surely want a space-saving solution such as purchasing an under counter wine cooler. These would tend to not occupy too much space in the room as they have vertical dimensions, hence would smoothly fit into a suitable location within a room.

There are typical conditions wine is stored in. the bottles have to be kept horizontally so that the cork stays moist by wine contact. This prevents shrinking of the cork by avoiding dry conditions. A cork would shrink with two low temperature and humidity. If any other thing is kept within the same cooler those aromas would tend to get seeped through the cork into the wine bottle, thereby spoiling the taste of the wine bottle. For this purpose, these fridges have horizontally opening shelves that slide open in a telescopic action.

Other conditions for storing wine being the temperature, humidity, and vibration. White wine and red wine have different storage temperatures. With a dual-zone temperature control in a wine cooler, this difference can be addressed. White wine is stored from 43 to 53 while red wine is stored around 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. In the case of a single temperature zone cooler, a universal temperature of around 54 to 56 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for storing both wines.

Humidity needs to be kept at around 70% for wine and is much lower in a normal fridge. A high humidity would tend to prevent the cork from shrinkage and aromas getting in. A thermo-electric, free from vibration electric compressor is used having extremely low vibration. Vibration has a negative effect on vine storage. If you are low on space and would like to relish your wine collection for longer consider getting an under counter wine cooler.