Why hiring a tree cutting service in Sydney is important

There is a worldwide movement encouraging the protection of trees and the environment.  Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, giving us pure air. Why then would a person want to cut down trees? Hiring a tree cutting service in Sydney is important as sometimes trees grow to dangerous proportions along with being diseased and unhealthy. Such trees pose a fatal threat to humans in the form of injury. They have to be cut down due to the element of danger involved.

In order to choose a tree cutting service, online customer reviews need to be read. Research should be done as to what various tree companies charge for different services. One would tend to hire a company that provides a quality service at economical rates.

After cutting a tree one of the best ways for tree removal is via a crane. In this process, the tree to be removed is carefully planned upon as regards, for the crane swing arm route while hoisted from the cutting point to the landing area, obstacles immediately around the tree, safety distance from buildings, a good location for crane hoisting and parking as well as other reasons. The tree is then hoisted from the crane with the right amount of tension. A human climber next rises to a pre-calculated point where the tree is to be cut from. After full cutting of the point selected on the tree with a chainsaw, the tree is then hoisted by the crane operator carefully via a pre-determined route to a well thought out landing area. Once landed the disposed of the tree is cut into fragments in such a way that the wood would be sellable or usable.

During hurricanes, thunderstorms or the like, that is not unusual for a tree in close proximity to fall on a house. Many times such a tree cuts off the access to a house. Such trees are removed with an emergency tree removal service. Many times, a crane removal service is also used. The crane operators have to be fairly accurate in estimating the weight of the tree that has to be hoisted as well as the angle of hoisting and ground angle as well. If not calculated properly there have been instances where a crane has been flipped over on the back!

tree cutting service Sydney
tree cutting service Sydney

Tree pruning, lopping, and topping is also carried out by a professional tree cutting service in Sydney. In tree pruning and lopping vertical cuts are done to the horizontal branches of the trees. The similarity ends here for tree pruning tends to make a tree healthy, strong as well as beautiful. By contrast tree lopping usually causes a tree to be diseased and the re-grown branches become weak. The reason is that pruning is carried out to the outer branches beyond the branch collar while lopping is done to horizontal branches at an intermediate point between the branch ends and growth extension from the tree trunk. The cuts in the smaller diameter pruning are self-healing while the large diameter cuts in lopping cause a tree to get wounded and diseased.