Why should you hire a Personal trainer in Hornsby

personal trainer in Hornsby

It is amazing to see Olympic and World records broken again and again. The sportsman of today is stronger, faster and can endure more than the athlete of the yesteryears. By contrast, your everyday average modern human has turned into a lazy being that needs the comforts of life. Heart attacks and diseases have increased 3 fold since the 1960’s. So how has the sportsman improved leaps and bounds while the common man has deteriorated?

The answer lies perhaps in the scientific diet supplements available for sportsmen. The daily protein requirement of a 120 kg weightlifter is about 960 grams, the formula is 2 gm of protein for every Kilo in weight or about 4 complete chickens a day. A difficult proposition. For this reason, sport diet companies have made available high protein food supplements that are consumed as dense liquids. The personal trainer in Hornsby will improve your physique whatever your diet.

For example, nitrogen supplements are not illegal in competition. Such allows a body to absorb more oxygen. A person’s muscles may not be able to absorb more oxygen after 25 push up. The nitro boost supplement would enable the same sportsman to make 40 pushups. Nitro boost is a natural substance and enhances the body’s ability to absorb more oxygen, so is allowed in competitions. Of course, advanced sports training methods have also increased athletic ability. Methods like interval training are an example. To the non-sportsman, I would attribute the fact mainly to vegetable oils that are rich in unsaturated fats causing heart attacks, obesity, and laziness. This fact has been confirmed by modern research. By contrast animal fats, which were declared a villain 50 years ago, modern science has confirmed that such contain saturated fats, are not harmful and are in fact good for the body. So if an ordinary person wants to make a sportsmanlike physique a great improvement can be gained by adopting the very expensive sportsman diets.