Why You Really Need a Leather punching bag

Choose your own brand:

I would like to tell you without mincing matters that I am very choosy about brands. The brand that I find most satisfying is TurnerMAX which is now dominating the sports market. Though there are many other companies which have manufactured excellent brands, such as Everlast, Ringside, TKO yet I draw the greatest satisfaction from using TurnerMAX products. You can buy TurnerMAX products from three outlets: AMAZON, eBay and the official website of Turner Sports UK. The bag can be shipped to you within a matter of days as Turner Sports UK offers very fast delivery. You should be quite careful about ordering the leather punching bag as there are many brands out there that are selling bags that are not even leather.

Zipper bags:

When you buy an unfilled leather punching bag, you will prefer to fill it in the easiest possible way and here the zipper is the most convenient. The zipper is largely used by most reputed companies. Turner Sports UK also manufactures leather punching bag with a zip top design which makes it easier to fill it up.

My preference:

When you buy a leather punching bag, you are advised to keep two things in mind. First the purpose for which you are buying the bag and second the frequency of its use. In this way you will not waste your money in buying the brands you don’t need.

Trial before buying:

The best way to buy a weighted leather punching bag is to test it. Many sports shops store these bags. If you feel it’s not possible then you should visit a boxing gym and test the brands they are using. You will discover immediately the difference in “feel”. When you hit it and find it swinging too rapidly or has too much flexibility then perhaps you require a heavier bag. It is a personal decision you have to make. You are the one who is going to handle it. If it doesn’t serves the purpose for which you have bought it then your entire money might be wasted.

Leather bags are expensive:

I may inform you that a leather punching bag is relatively more expensive than a bag made of other materials like canvas, vinyl or rexion. It all depends on the money you have in your pocket or in your bank. It’s no good using your money on products that are fragile and don’t last as long as they should. So please be careful while you are buying these brands.


Use of highest quality leather:

Turner Sports UK uses the highest quality leather which ensures the durability and quality of its products. Cowhide leather punching bag is exclusively available at this prestigious sports organization. There are many others who claim that they have high quality cowhide leather but this claim is not supported by the facts as their leather is not pure cowhide but more or less is a tainted material.

Leather not water-proof:

Since the leather bag is somewhat expensive, it should be guarded against unnecessary wear and tear and other related things that might damage their quality. They should be protected against water especially. The water very imperceptibly seeps into the leather and makes it quite soggy. Because of this seepage the leather bag loses its toughness. You should hang it in a place which is dry probably somewhere inside your garage or any other room which gets maximum sunlight in your house.

Variety of colours:

Leather bags if you ask me as a user, have no match. That is why they should be protected as much as you can. Since they are quite expensive, you should try to even create a new place for them where you can stock them or keep them. In addition, I would like to tell you, that these punching bags are available in a variety of colours to suit your aesthetic sense. They are available in red, black and brown (or natural). You can choose any colour that appeals to your aesthetic sense.