Why will You Buy Sine Wave Inverter?

Conventional AC power is generated using rotating machines which create a smooth alteration, similar to a pendulum. It is explained mathematically like a sine wave. It is an ideal waveform to supply AC power. An inverter, an electrical device, helps to convert DC to AC following a switching procedure. Thus, it can generate a type of synthesized AC. Two kinds of waveforms are available from high-capacity inverters. These types are like a modified sine wave and true sine wave. If you wish to run your electrical equipment exactly according to the specification provided by the manufacturer, you should include a true sine wave output to the power source. Motor loads can start easily with the use of true sine wave inverter which reduces harmonic related with true sine wave shape. A true sine wave is essential to operate some equipment properly. It is essential for equipment to produce the maximum output.

Benefits of sine wave inverter

There are several benefits of using sine wave inverter and some of these benefits are as follows.

  • Helps to accommodate electrical equipment: Most of the modern electrical equipment available in the market is designed to function based on the supply of sinusoidal current. Some common example of electrical equipment which can be operated using sinusoidal currents like speed motor, computers, television, fluorescent lighting ballasts, sound equipment, and precision medical equipment. You depend on true sine wave inverter for the supply of current to the electrical equipment.
  • Provides support including maximum output: If you buy sine wave inverter online, you will not have to buy UPS separately for the computer. A true sine wave inverter provides extended back up of power compared to square wave or modified sine wave inverters. It helps to save the bill for consumed current. You can operate your grinder or mixer machine safely using the true sine wave inverter at your home.

Differences between square wave inverter and sine wave inverter

There are many differences between square wave inverter and sine wave inverter and these are:

  • Square wave inverter supports appliances like motors. But, sine wave inverter supports laptops, computers, ovens, and refrigerators.
  • Square wave inverter’s noise level is high and creates humming sound in appliances and within the inverter. But, the noise level of sine wave inverter is normal.
  • Square wave inverter provides less safety for the appliances. But, sine wave inverter provides a high level of safety for the appliances.

Basic architecture and composition condition of the sine wave inverter

  • It is considered that true sine wave inverter of 24V power is comprised of three basic parts. These parts are Front-driver board, Stage drive plate, and Power board.
  • The major parts of the pre-driver board are a part of the PWM drive, an auxiliary power distribution section and the protection part.
  • State drive plate consists of three major parts like a part for generating SPWM signals sections, driving part of the IR2110 and a hardware RC dead time setting part.
  • The power board has four major parts. These parts are the pre-booster and rectifier booster, apart for full-bridge sine transformation phase H, feedback regulator, and the part for LC filter.

Considering all of the above-mentioned information, you can buy online high capacity inverter India.